When a product is positioned on the market and knows how to sell itself well, it is also thanks to a good photographer and graphic designer who has been able to create that visual plant of taste and elegance, aimed at highlighting the beauty of its uniqueness.

Viviana Furlanetto completed her studies in Italy and the UK, studying at the Falmouth University of Arts and at the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Venice before receiving her Master’s degree from IUAV University in Visual Communication in 2008.

She has worked as a visual designer and photographer since 2006, creating a diverse portfolio that includes portrait and fine art photography as well as jewelry and product design. Viviana Furlanetto also established the Vión brand, designing creative, sculptural objects that are as thought-provoking as they are one of a kind. Apart from her personal projects, the designer and photographer works with various international companies. Furlanetto lives and works in Vicenza and London, two places that influence her designs in different ways.